Monday, September 14, 2009

Yeah, There was Football Last Friday...

Last Friday night, Ruskin High School played Platte County in football. Ruskin has struggled in football these last few years, but the first few games this year showed promise, with a strong offense. Platte County was a tough assignment though, and Ruskin would have to play perfect football to have a chance. Just looking at the two squads told you that there was quite a difference in talent and depth. A few photographs from the night.
While there was still hope: A fan/dad watches pregame warm ups.
Cheerleaders stand at attention during the National Anthem.

The Color Guard presents the colors. (Well, duh!)
After Platte County scored 21 quick points, there was some serious coaching going on.
Girls like football, but mostly girls like seeing and being seen at the stadium. There were many more students at this game than at the Hickman Mills game. It makes a difference that the stadium is on the school grounds.

There was a good number of adults there, too.
It's pretty discouraging to get beaten very badly. You can tell it from the demeanor on the bench. One young man went all Serena Williams, losing his composure and got ejected from the game. The final score was something like 48-6 Platte County.

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