Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two Items from Today's KC Star

The first: This item about survival rates in hospitals for patients with cardiac arrest, noting that black folks don't have as high a survival rate. Your link: Survival rate for black cardiac arrest patients patients is far less than whites As a health care provider, I have periodically seen these types of articles. I personally have never seen a patient treated less due to race. I have seen other factors come in, but race--not really. This bears further study--are black people sicker when they come into the hospital? Do some of the drugs used in cardiac life support not work as well on blacks as they do on whites? Is there subtle prejudice? Need more study. Back in July of this year, an article came out on a study of how much variation there was in US hospitals of time of first defibrillation--here's a link to an article about that. A point that can and must improve throughout the system.

Stretch and the TIF commission: Is this man qualified to make decisions about development and tax increment financing in Kansas City?

Background: Council members question nomination of artist to TIF commission.
Okay, looks aren't everything...

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