Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Observer went to City Hall Again

I spent the afternoon today at Kansas City Missouri's City Hall, watching democracy at work. There were times it was like watching sausage made; other times, it was kind of neat. There was the council person who seemed unable to stay seated for a long time. I thought maybe he had a bad back, but my city hall informant tells me he's just ADHD. In fact, many members of the council were in motion during much of the business and council meeting. There was Ed Ford who wondered, when presented with the citizen satisfaction survey that showed that the ambulance service had one of the highest satisfaction rates, "And we are changing this because?"

So it was fun, in a dorky bloggy kind of way. Perhaps more on it tomorrow. MAST vote is next week, so I'll be headed back downtown again. Need to find another place to park though. The garage on 11th and Oak costs too much.

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