Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Time for Football!

Thank God it's football season. The baseball season has been positively painful. The Royals are tough to watch, unless Zack Grienke is pitching, and even then, they figure out ways to lose Zack's starts. The New York Mets have been just depleted by injuries and it turned out their minor league depth was about the same as the Royals. So it's good to see the footballs flying through the air. Despite the fact the KC Chiefs are looking pretty bad this year, many other NFL teams look intriguing, and all the local college teams, while not top 10, will provide entertaining and fun games.

This weekend is the first for the colleges, and the pros start next week, but many high schoolers have played two games already. The south part of the metro sports four high school teams, with many others within easy drives. Hickman Mills, Ruskin, Center and Grandview are the core of SKC football interest, with nice nearby rivalries with Raytown, Ray South, and Belton.

Last night, finally it stopped raining, and your intrepid observer decided it was time for some football. Hickman Mills was playing at the district stadium on Blue Ridge Boulevard. Hickman Mills came away with a nice win, their second of the season. I put the cell phone camera to work, to capture some of the action. It's not really cut out for this duty, but the pictures give the flavor of being there. I recommend being there yourself; come on out and root on the boys!
Cheerleaders stretching before the game.
Drinks all ready to go on the Hickman Mills sideline.

Last minute details and visiting before the game.

Presentation of the colors during the national anthem.
Look carefully, the ball is in the air just above the outstretched arms of the Warrensburg defender. The pass went for a touchdown.
Coaching'em up on the sidelines.
Spectators enjoying the action. It wasn't terribly cold, just damp. A reminder that football is an all weather sport.
Sunset over district stadium.
Band mom watches the halftime performance.
The band takes the field at halftime.
The Hickman Mills band stays and plays through the second half.
The dark blur in the lead is the Hickman Mills quarterback running for a touch down.

Players relax, visit and acknowledge family/friends in the stands late in the game.

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