Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Interesting Evening...

I attended the second International House of Prayer meeting tonight at the Hillcrest Community Center. I wasn't sure what this one would be like either; more of the same, or different?

Well, that's what it was, more of the same--but it was different.

It struck me as more intense. Some of the bad housing stories were really bad, like buses and trailers in yards, registered sex offenders living in a boarding type situation, 10-15 men living in one house, groups of people identified as recovering drug abusers living together, increased break ins, intense prayer for healing in public, open sexual intercourse, and, according to one lady, letting a 4 month old baby die. But this woman would not give the address, at least in public, so how true this is, who knows? Maybe I'll do a google search later. If you, reader, know or remember anything about a baby dying in south Kansas City, be sure to share via the comment portal.

Some with housing stories may have had other, more spiritual axes to grind. Because Jesus just doesn't come and love you, He wants to improve you, He wants you, and some people don't want His Lordship around. In this meeting, I felt more of this spiritual type of opposition than at the Grandview meeting. Real anger directed at IHOP (apparently) but more likely, directed to God. Some just took the opportunity to rant against an institution that represented God; they didn't really want to problem solve, they just wanted to bitch.

IHOP absolutely has to get ahold of these housing issues because it sucks good will out of the community. Even if they don't own the homes directly, they need to get at these students and remind them of the Golden Rule; do unto others as you would wish to be done. And they need to sic that codes lady who I had to deal with onto some of these house owners. If a landlord is not doing right, he needs to be held to account by the city. The home owners' associations can be a portal for this. IHOP is going to set up contact points, so people can contact them with problems. One lady proposed a meeting in six months, to hold IHOP accountable for making changes in the housing situation. An excellent idea.

Many of these students may be baby believers, all enthusiasm and no knowledge and no experience in the Christian walk. They are also immature in age and life stage, so by default, IHOP has to take on many of the issues of a college town, like Lawrence, Iowa City or Burlington. Mom and Dad aren't there any more for these kids, many for the first time.

Someone did bring up more of Mike Bickle's more exotic spiritual experiences and someone else brought up some of the prophetic ministry issues. These were right to mention, but I think this is something that each individual can research and test on their own. 1John4: test the spirits. And one lady reminded all that this was a country where what you believe is your choice. Amen and Amen.

Is IHOP growing too fast, as one speaker proposed? I would say that this is a dangerous spiritual time for IHOP. The potential for going astray is strong. May they have the Holy Spirit guiding them as they move forward, truly guided by God and His Word.

The meeting was covered by channel 41, with a live truck and their report probably aired on the 10 pm news tonight. IHOP again recorded the meeting and it will be available tomorrow on their website www.ihop.org.

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