Monday, September 28, 2009

A Sports Post

This is not primarily a sports blog. Although I am quite interested in sports and have lots of opinions, it is not the main point of this blog. However, there are sports topics that just beg to be discussed this fine fall Monday. (KC metro readers: Did you notice the Autumn sky today? So blue it made your eyes hurt.)

First, the Kansas City Chiefs: They are bad. Really bad. No offensive line. No defensive line. And the coach gave up yesterday. All those runs in the second half. I remember one series: Larry Johnson, Larry Johnson, Larry Johnson, punt. Not good. Could be a long year. Right now in the NFL, there are 6 teams 0-3 (pending the Panthers-Cowboys tonight). Will any of them go 0-16? I'm not a gambler, but I wonder what odds are coming up in Vegas on the Chiefs going 0-16.

Next, Zach Greinke and the Cy Young Award. The Cy Young is like the MVP--do you give it to a player on a losing team? A pitcher whose win totals are less than other pitchers? There are several strong candidates for the award in the AL: Justin Verlander, Felix Hernandez, and CC Sabathia--and all can make a case. Whoever wins will deserve it, they have all had good years. There are a few opinions that Greinke is being pushed due to his being a white guy. No, he has had a great year. Let him stand on his merits. Whoever wins will deserve it--there is not a dud in the bunch.

We had a very nice Friday night in high school football down here in South KC: Ruskin, Hickman Mills and Center all took care of business against their foes in home games this past week. Center and Warrensburg got together for a game with a thrilling ending--Center getting the winning score with about 2:00 left, then stuffing Warrensburg and getting the ball back on downs. Only Grandview lost, taking it on the chin from highly rated Fort Osage. Really, if you like football, go see a high school game. But keep your eyes on the field; there's no big instant replay board.

And we have to acknowledge the winning ways of Mizzou and KU--both teams won well in trap games before the start of Big 12 conference play. A mixed bag of news with our smaller college teams--MidAmerica Nazarene University lost its first game, while Avila and Evangel won.

That's it from the sports desk, back to you...

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