Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Adventures of Lesa

Lesa is an MAST EMT that has been at the forefront of the effort to keep MAST's management and structure as it is currently, with the group Citizens to Save MAST. She is indeed a current and active employee of MAST and a member of the firefighters union local 42. She is one of the few current MAST employees brave enough to speak out.

There have been rumors of union intimidation and pressure for MAST employees not to speak out negatively against the idea of MAST losing its identity as a non-profit independent entity and becoming part of the city. Results of the intimidation are the loss of information from the parties that don't want to speak out. You can see,if you look into the comment sections of the blogs (such as Tony's Kansas City) that there are plenty of Anonymous writers with negative opinions, giving information from that point of view. I would bet good money many of those "anonymous" are MAST employees.

On Labor day night, Lesa and her paramedic partner were parked near Kansas City fire station 42 here in the southland. Sometime, while the ambulance was parked there, a multishot fire work was set outside the ambulance and lit, startling the poop out of Lesa and her partner. As Lesa went out to inspect the ambulance for damage and the firework, her partner saw a firefighter with another fire work in his hand in the doorway of the station.

Well, the police were called, MAST supervisor called and reports made all around. The KCPD found more fireworks in the fire station (hopefully they took them away). PD stated no crime was committed. I wonder if they at least wrote a summons to the firefighters, since it is illegal to possess fireworks in KCMO. As they say, "The investigation continues."

Lesa has spoken to the TV press. I am not sure who has used the info, except for channel 5. If you see the report, consider if it is right that someone should fear the union that is supposed to represent them.

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