Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Reflections on City Hall Days

I knew that as soon as I saw that the city council was going to take up the issue of MAST's consolidation into the city government as a full city department, that it was going to be a busy week. So I am glad to reach the end of the week. I hope that folks have learned something about city government along the way. I hope you took the advice I gave you in an earlier post to put your hip waders on, because it did get deep. Keep'em on, 'cause it may get deeper. KC City Council will take up and debate the issue on September 10th. The docket for city council meetings and other government activities can be found on the city's web site, It's not the easiest web site to navigate, but you can find what you want. I actually was able to access agendas and whatnot from a flip BlackBerry.

A link from the NY Times for your info: "Firefighters Become Medics to the Poor". Here's a quote:

“I joined the force to battle blazes, not to be an emergency room doctor,” Mr. Muyleart[A Washington, DC firefighter], 35, said as he and the rest of Engine Company 10 drove back to their firehouse, which for most of the last 15 years has been the busiest in the country, according to industry surveys.

Please read this article, as it has some good points, and some good information about the state of fire service and EMS in urban America. The change purposed here is more than just a matter of saving a few dollars, it's making sure that EMS is done well in this city.

Maybe more later. If it quits raining, I intend to see me some football.

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