Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wayside Waifs Wednesday

This is fun, this Wayside Waifs Wednesday stuff. Because I get to put cute pictures of companion animals on my blog without any guilt whatsoever. I'm doing a public service, you know.

Just one critter today. Meet Sassy the cat. Sassy is about two years old, semi long hair "torbie" which means she is a brown tabby with red highlights. Sassy is a special cat. She has an interesting gait. Whether from injury or nerve problem, Sassy's rear legs don't work in the usual way. I say it that way because she can get around without any problem whatsoever. She is outgoing, verbal, playful and affectionate. The photo below shows her playing with a chase toy--she had a blast--and catching it while standing on her hind legs. You can tell she doesn't stand up normally, but she can stand up, and chase and play like any young cat. Plus she's beautiful; her silky hair and red highlights are pretty to look at.

In addition to Sassy, there are lots of other adoptable animals at Wayside Waifs--over 300 of them. There are kittens and puppies as well as adult animals. So check it out. Web: Phone: 816-761-8151 Address: 3901 Martha Truman Road, Kansas City, MO. Hours: Weds-Fri 2 pm-8pm Sat-Sun 12noon-6 pm. Closed Mon-Tues.

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