Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Interesting Links for the Evening

Just some quick links and commentary for the evening...

Tony of wrote a nice column wrapping up what has happened with MAST ambulance on The Missouri Record. Don't forget, we are still gathering sigs for the petition. Use the comment portal if you would like to get in touch to sign petitions.

KU football and KU basketball players got in a big fight, over a girl. How high school. Apparently, they are fussing over which team is more important. If I were Mangino and Self I would take the names off the back of their uniforms--both football and basketball unis and remind them it says "KANSAS" on the front, and that's who they represent. Link from the Kansas City Star--Brawls at KU were simmering for a long time.

Earlier this week, Tony found himself thinking about the homeless in Kansas City. He wrote a thought provoking entry on his blog. Read the whole thing and the comments. Homelessness is a multifaceted problem, not easily solved. Joe Colazzi of the Kansas City Rescue Mission advises not to give money to a homeless person; rather direct them to one of the ministries in town. And no, the mission do not "keep the problem going so they have a job"; it's just one damn hard problem to solve. You have to get an individual to actually be responsible and accountable, and be open to changing their life. Not the easiest thing. Most times, turnarounds are totally due to God's grace and His intervention.

That's about it for the day...

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