Friday, April 5, 2013

So How Could Anything Go Wrong?

During the recent election, Hickman Mills C-1 elected two school board members.  They defeated the bids of two former members to rejoin the board, thus leaving the board with little institutional memory of life before provisional accreditation.

Now I have nothing personal against Shawn Kirkwood and Byron Townsend but I keep hearing stuff about affliations with people in the Kansas City School District, about Freedom, about Clinton Adams, and I am not thrilled about that.  It is not the mentality I think is going to bring back excellence, or even mere adequacy to education in Hickman Mills--too many cronies, too many people making hay on the backs of kids/students that are already needing to see that education means something and can be worthwhile to them.   So, a choice that makes me a bit apprehensive, and shows signs of the same mentalities that wrecked the Kansas City system are trying to infect the Hickman Mills system.

New blood on the School Board--so how is there anything wrong with that?  The potential for disaster is definitely there...

10 Mailers!

So you may have not thought too much about the recent election, but it sure seems that somebody thought it was pretty important!
So it ended up that about 10% of registered voters came out to vote in the April 2 election.  It is obvious that someone thought this vote important.  Otherwise how to explain the time and expense of all this advertising? Someone's hand is in the pocket of taxpayers.  Is anyone addressing how efficiently this money is being used?  Where was the newspaper on this?  No, to the Kansas City Star, all taxes are good.  Even taxes that go to non-profits that pay their CEOs over $900,000.

Something isn't working here...