Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mark Funkhouser was on KMBZ

Kansas City Missouri Mayor Mark Funkhouser was on KMBZ with Shanin and Parks...and was completely annoying. The mayor's problem is that no one trusts him. So even when he says something sensible or truthful, the reaction is still "oh, ugh".

Topics to the Funk:
MAST takeover--he majored on the working conditions, that MAST people complained about not having a pension and problems with the posts. How come this item doesn't come up until this last minute, just before the vote last week? (It also got blog action.) I think some mildly discontented MAST folks were coached by Louie Wright and his minions. Since the saving money angle was not working.

Bannister Mall--not surprised, but out gunned by KCK. Mayor stated he was reassured by Cerner that the office complex would be built. And mentioned some silliness about building 12 soccer fields without the stadium.

Gloria in the office--he stonewalled it.

Article by staff member that stated he was ready to divorce Gloria to get around the volunteer ordinance--stonewalled again.

Running for mayor again--didn't want to discuss it.

TIF Commission--his view is just as I thought; he wanted someone who was a little off the beaten track to join the commission. He views Stretch as a businessman who has met a payroll. He's not that far off here, but Stretch may have stretched the definition of outsider just a bit more than some are comfortable with.

A caller called noting that all the workers he saw at City Hall were black and was City Hall practicing reverse discrimination? Funk noted the city is 40%...now, my memory is failing, because I can't recall if he said "black" or what. 40% seems high for a percent of KC's population being black, maybe "people of color"? Anyway, Funk denied reverse discrimination at City Hall.

Union Station--Funk was brutally honest about Union Station--its failed initial model, its current poor state, despite strong leadership and a willingness to cut to the bone. He hoped a way that involved all the metro and did not involve taxes could be found to continue operation at that beautiful space. It's hard because it is so big. If you go to other towns with old central railroad stations like this, they are usually much smaller. Indianapolis is a good example.

Some guy called in and talked about what a wonderful job the mayor was doing. WTF?!

An interesting, and maybe only occasionally annoying, hour with Mayor Funk.

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