Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wasting Time

Yup, I'm doing it.

My car has a glitch that if I don't keep moving, it'll overheat. Actually, my almost 9 year old car with 111,000 miles has a lot of glitches, mostly electrical, but this one, related to the cooling system fan relay, is the most annoying and can have the most effect on your day. So I dived into the library, to let things cool down a little, and ostensibly do some internet research on building a gate for a wooden fence.

However, it is blowing its brains out outside; consistent winds of 30 mph, and being outside is not pleasant. You can feel the humidity rising, dust and pollen are blowing, and it is not real safety friendly for the brush and small tree removal work I need to do before fixing the fence up. So, having done the research, and having been here about an hour, I need to go home and start working on this stuff. But I am beginning to face facts: I don't want to. The problem is that I do have the city yapping at me about both the fence and the small trees and brush, and I do want to keep making progress. I would rather spend money on the fence material and other things I might need, then a ticket. (A side note: I know the city needs a stick to get the unwilling/non compliant/lazy/antisocial to do the work needed on their property, but isn't it counterproductive to fine the willing but poor? So they end up sending their limited funds to city hall instead of using the $$$ towards the work that needs to be done? Just a thought...)

So, I've checked in on the news (no suspects yet in for the crime described in the previous post...), other blogs, and email. I'm doing this blog entry. I might post a photo or two over on the photo blog. Then, I think I'll be ready to head home and tackle the to do list, at least some of it. And, yes, I will check the coolant level in my car. It should not have started to run hot under the conditions it was in.

Observer Kitty is absolutely no help at all for the inspiration to get to work.


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
I love the final comment here from BoyCat. Make like a rug and lay down. This fit of industry will soon pass.

The fan thing is a faulty switch, I think. You just need somebody to get you a ride home.

Been there, overheated that.

Ann T.

peedee said...

I want to snuggle on ur kitty. Sooo cute!

And ur right about cities needing to work with financially challenged code breakers. But its gov't so the chance of them doing something smart is slim to none. Good luck with your fence.

the observer said...

Ann T:
Transverse mounted engine in FWD car requires little electric fan to keep cool when not moving much. Relay not working right in master brain to turn fan on properly. Once moving, maintains proper operating temp. Unless low on coolant, which it was. Continued monitoring indicated...

Haha. Did get some work done, but undecided about having a gate in the fence yet.

peedee--yes, snuggles for BoyCat. Carefully, tho, sometimes he turns into the Venus Handtrap!

To all, thanks for comments and visits!

The Observer