Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting a Peek at the New South Patrol Building

SKC folk had a chance at the Southern Coalition meeting tonight to see the plans and drawings for the new South Patrol station. Ground breaking is tentatively planned for August of this year, with completion in 2011. The new station will be just south and a tiny bit west of the Home Depot on Bannister Road, on Marion Park drive. The Traffic Patrol will also be located there as well as the K-9 Division (12 dogs strong at this time), and Bomb and Arson. The emergency back up communications will also be located here. The initial plan to locate the helicopter unit fell to technical concerns, so the choppers will be staying where they are.

Officers present the plans and answer questions.
One page of the inch and one half book of plans for the station--and that was only 50%! They are hoping to finish within the next month and get the project to bid, to catch the building trades between big projects.
Ariel view drawing. North is to the top. I-435 to the west. It's a hard area to visualize, but it is at the intersection that is just west of the Home Depot area. The station itself is the building with two wings. One of the wings will belong to South Patrol. The other wing will belong to the Traffic Patrol. The squarish building is a "multipurpose center" that will contain some of the other services, and work out facilities for the officers. Out buildings are for motor, bomb and arson, and K-9 uses.
Back (top) and front (bottom) views. The bottom view will contain the public entrance. The building will be LEEDS certified. Unfortunately, due to use concerns, they were unable to use the permeable pavement on the parking lot to decrease run off. This is pretty cool, as the current South Patrol station has just gotten worn out, and too small. The officers are looking forward to the new station. As an update, the new Metro Patrol station is almost completely done just south of 75th and Prospect, and it came in on time and under budget. It replaces the Metro station at 63rd and Euclid that is suffering from a moving foundation.


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Ann T:
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