Friday, April 23, 2010

Storm Chances and An Opportunity Too Good to Pass Up

The Church that I currently attend is hosting a concert with Christian singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman tonight. Money is very tight for me currently, and I did not even think of attending the concert. However, as part of hosting the concert, the church will provide the usual service of a medical emergency team, to help anyone attending who suffers a sudden medical emergency until EMS arrives. I am part of this group, and serve the church every third Sunday evening in this capacity. The team had a sudden vacancy and I was able to fill it, so I will be going to the concert tonight with a friend. I am pretty excited. I remember seeing Mr. Chapman when he was just getting started in music at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds, and again here in KC several years (at least 10!) ago. The KC Symphony will be with him and it should be a good time.

Steven Curtis Chapman, in a file photo from Wiki.

While I will have full opportunity to hear plenty of music, there is responsibility. I will respond to any medical emergency that comes up. While this is not likely, it is possible. In addition, I am keeping an eye on the weather, as we are setting up some possibilities for severe weather. The National Weather Service is more inclined to think we will get wind and hail, not twisters, but I will review the tornado shelter and evacuations for our church's sanctuary, and be ready to keep our audience safe. Right now, it is very nice outside, with a south breeze and partly sunny skies, but the heating of the day,and some other meteorological issues may make the atmosphere unstable. So we will be aware of what's going on. However, I couldn't pass up this wonderful chance to attend what should be an excellent concert. I pray for no illness or injury, and certainly no flying cows.



Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Have a grand time! And, while we should not hope for flying Cows, maybe a root beer float (Brown Cow) afterward would not strain the budget overly?

Have fun with the lyrics, the music, and the root beer, mon amis,

Ann T.

Capt. Schmoe said...

I know that you will be able to balance responsibility with enjoyment and I also believe that The Lord will keep your event safe. Have fun.

peedee said...

Hope your having fun!! And twister/illness free too!

the observer said...

Thanks for stopping by and the well wishes and prayers. We had no illness or injury and no twisters--the concert was done at about 2300--the same time the NWS issued a tornado watch for the area and spots north!
The Observer