Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some Very Unfinished Business

I was trying to complete this sentence: " The only thing I do worse then receive compliments is _____________." The blank had to be filled by something I actually do--not something I've tried to do and discovered I had no talent for, like playing the guitar, but something I actually do. The reason this comes up is that one of my favorite bloggers, Ann T., has listed some of her favorite bloggers and given them an award. In the past, Ann T. has graced me with two awards, and I have been very remiss in both acknowledging the reward and passing it on. I have felt this as a bit of a burden, as giving the impression of being uptight, and snobby, which I am not. What I am is just really bad at receiving complements. I felt a bit of repentance is in order, and here with are my very tardy responses:

Back on Monday, January 18, 2010, Ann T. bestowed a "Best Blogger Award" to me and with that award, I am to name 15 bloggers upon whom I would give the award. Many of my favorite bloggers have found their ways to my blog rolls, but I want to give some more love to them here.

1. The NBC Action News weather blog discusses very clearly and intelligently the ins and outs of the weather in Kansas City and surrounding areas. It's not just meteorologist Gary Lezak and his gang of mets, but the commenters (called "bloggers" on this blog) that make this the best place to get up to date KC weather info on the net, IMHO.

2. Indy Bikehiker is written by my friend and former pastor John. Spiritually and politically deep and challenging at times, other times, writing about his bike adventures and family, John never fails to make time reading his blog time well spent.

3. Report on Conditions written by Capt. Joe Schmoe of the KBFPD, somewhere in the west, tells great stories, shows wonderful photos, gives inside baseball on the fire service and makes you think on things both profound and funny.

4. Dr. Grumpy in the House His patients are insane, his patience seems infinite, and his writing is excellent. He also has some of the best commenters around!

5. Dr. Edwin Leap Dr. Leap is an Emergency Room doctor in Greenville, SC and a committed Christian. On his blog, he tells stories and provides commentary from a Christian point of view on the state of ER care, health care and life in general.

6. Officer "Smith": Thoughts from Behind the Badge. One of many excellent LEO bloggers around, Officer Smith will give you the low down on many things law enforcement related. I just wish he'd post more often. Isn't that the way with good things--you want more, more, more?

7. Hemmings Blog Hemmings is the place to find all things related to classic cars. Before EBay and Craig's List, they were the place to buy and sell. Now they still do the buy and sell thing pretty well, but also have lots of information for people interested in the old car hobby thing.

8. Tony's Kansas City. I blame Tony for all this blogging stuff. He just had to go on one of our local radio stations to talk about things on his blog. I got curious and started looking in on his blog. The rest is history as they say. His is the "blog of record" for local news around here.

9. Midtown Miscreant MM is a wonderful writer, using his talents to comment on news and crime in our town. He has been posting less for the moment for a while, but I treasure his posts and contributions greatly.

10. Ann T Hathaway Like she says in her profile "stud[ies] darn near everything from world affairs to poetry to ways of life"--a very gifted writer who puts her wide ranging life experiences to good use.

11. Kat's Kats A record of the adventure's of one woman's Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde, along with funny cat cartoons, and the gateway into a world of cat blogs, to boot.

12. "infinity"-Itis. Life from a patient's point of view, "Warm Socks" (great screen name, no?) writes fetchingly about doctors, and life in general with a chronic illness.

13. PlazaJen's Blog I don't visit this excellent blogger nearly enough. She writes engagingly about her life, our city and oh, yes, knitting.

14. Conservatism with Heart Kansas City conservative lady--she blogs, she has a radio show, she 's got kids, she must be NUTS!

15. Crash Course in Nursing. In a part of the country I used to live in. Similar profile (EMT...useless liberal arts degree). Oh, such memories! I hope the blog continues even after the student days end.

There you have it, the dirty 15 that I should have revealed in January when I got this award!


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer!
Oh, I had no idea you were going to swing with the Bling! And I am so glad!

Good for you. And I am honored to be one of your dirty 15!

Thank You,
Ann T.

WarmSocks said...

I've been scrolling through your archives - what a great blog!

Thank you so much for the link.

the observer said...

Ann T:
Oh Thank you for providing inspiration for me over these months. Finally the ingrate feeling just got too strong to ignore, so I had to do something to say thanks.
The Observer

the observer said...

Warm Socks:
Well, welcome to the zoo! Found you through Dr. Grumpy (like I said the best commenters around!) and really enjoyed your site. Thank you for the kudos, even tho they make me blush.
The Observer