Monday, April 5, 2010

Bloggy Thoughts

Since I started this blog, I have been just introspective enough to ask, "Why blog?" and "What is this blog supposed to do?" Sometimes, over the course of these eight or so months I have been very satisfied with the content of the blog, have had oodles of things in my head to write about, and just had a lot of fun. Other times, not so satisfied, and quite empty-headed. Sometimes, I felt like I wasn't diverse enough. Twice, actually. Once was with all the MAST stuff. The other was this past weekend. Although I enjoyed the Christian oriented holiday posts, I'm not sure my readers did.

I do want this to be a diverse blog, with lots of different stuff. Like in the blurb, this blog is like sitting around the kitchen table, hanging out in the garage, or watching the world go by on the porch. Whatever I am, I am that and I blog. I am a Christian and I blog; this is not a Christian blog. I did give some thought to splitting off a Christian blog, but that would exclude too much stuff from here, and my being a Christian is just part of me like my blue eyes and brunette (OK, salt and pepper) hair and I could sooner stop bringing my faith into my entries then I could stop being blue eyed. I have given thought to a non public journal type blog, but without home Internet access, I would not be able to enter regularly. Journaling will be its usual intermittent stuff the old fashioned way, with paper and pen, or on the word processor.

You may note that there's not a lot of snark on the blog. Anything I write I would put my name on, if it was truly safe. I am in general not a snarky person. If I'm making mean remarks it usually means I am in a bad place spiritually! I do use humor with words a lot and will play off a situation to lighten things up, but I rarely do it at anyone's expense, except maybe my own. And I do love puns, although they tend to end up in the comments sections of other blogs, rather than here. (My punny work can be found at Ann T.'s place [it seems to come out there] and occasionally at Tony's place.) I also avoid "troll" behavior--no ad hominum attacks and no flaming caps--on both my blogs and when I comment on others. Like I said, I write nothing I wouldn't sign, if it was safe to do so.

In the end, I mostly blog for my own enjoyment. But if you are here reading, I want you to enjoy your visit too, at least as much as I enjoy the writing and posting.

If you like sports, you can visit the sports blog You're Looking Live . I personally would love it if you would look in on this frustrated photojourno's photo blog F8 and Be There. Thank you for your time. To my regulars--thank you for your support. For the newbies--thanks for looking in.

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