Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Night Cruises Are Back!

The Long Branch at 91st and Metcalf in beautiful Overland Park, KS is again sponsoring an all make laid back just fun cruise night on every Friday night for auto enthusiasts. Come on out some Friday evening, starting around 5 or 6 to see lots of neat cars. An additional note for Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge/DeSoto/AMC enthusiasts: HPAC will cruise at the same spot on the third Saturday of the month, starting tomorrow. HPAC also will have cruises in Independence, MO and Topeka, KS. Check in at the website for more information on the cruises and on the big show in July.


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
If there are any atomic Cadillacs, I would love to see one!
Ann T.

I love a muscle car . . . dudine . . . you know how it is . ..

the observer said...

Ann T
Not familiar with the phrase 'atomic Cadillac--care to elaborate?

Thanks for checking in :-)
The Observer