Monday, April 19, 2010

Past Saturday Night--Plaza Quiet, Rest of City Insane

Listening to the scanner on Saturday night is a real trip. It's amazing, we just can't take care of our selves on the weekends. Disturbances, unconscious people, drive by shootings, it's just nuts. While the Plaza was nice and quiet, with a high police presence, the mayor holding court, and formally dressed prom kids ruling the roost, there were fires, shots fired, shots hitting, and all sorts of other madness, mostly on the east part of town. Crazy, we just can't seem to have a good time without getting into trouble.

Here's Bill Cosby on Having a Good Time

Yes, I know drunkenness is very serious topic, but you know, sometimes we just have to laugh at our silly sinful selves. For one, it keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously. And you know, humor has been known to lead to break throughs and insights.

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