Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Spring--My ADD Has Kicked In

Oh, it is so pretty outside today! There's a mild breeze, it's about 70, and not a cloud in the sky! There's about 16 things I could be doing, including some important things, like finishing up the yearly report to the IRS. There's the yard, the car, the house, all needing spring cleaning. There's some blogging to do. There's employment related things to do. Do, do, do! So many things my head might explode. So, what happens? Not much of anything--typical! I did wander over to Wayside Waifs to see how things were going with the adoptathon. It was busy, and they'd adopted out quite a few animals, mostly dogs.

See what I mean? Just gorgeous out. So bright it hurts.

The National Geographics are catching some of this sunshine today, to freshen them up a bit. I am looking forward to digging into them and sharing things on the blog. Someone likes to leave old mags at the library; some late 1980s car mags turned up today.

This sort of bloggy prattle could go on, but I'm going to stop now, fold up my computer tent and go home and do something useful. Or, I might just find my golf clubs and see if I can still hit the little dimpled ball at all. Ya never know what could happen. I'll see what catches my wandering attention.

Parting cute dog shot: I think they are Chihuahua/Sitzu mixes.


peedee said...

Pretty weather!!! It must feel soooo good after winter. I kinda forget that feeling. lol

And puppy shots!!! I love the puppies!!

Enjoy your day and I say go for the links!!

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
I'm also having that kind of a day, great weather. So, working tonight instead.

Have a wonderful evening after a glorious day!

Ann T.