Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Other Chat From the Meeting

The Southern Coalition meeting was quite an informative meeting and moved right along, without a focus on one particular issue. Other topics of interest besides the police station:

Reporting in from City Council: Our two city council reps are quite divided on two issues that will be working their way through the docket down at City Hall. Both John Sharp and Cathy Jolly got a chance to talk about the issues. One issue is the growing and selling of produce in residential neighborhoods--Sharp is for a more lenient law, Jolly wants more restrictions. The second is the giving of liquor selling licenses for hospitality workers to those with felony records. Jolly against it, Sharp for it. Sharp reported that he obtained more money for organizations helping needy Southlanders, and that Habitat for Humanity will be working in the 6th district, including rehab of foreclosed homes and working west of 71. Most of the need is east of 71, but it is good to know that there will be more flex in the system.

Two young men who opened an indoor paint ball court in the old bowling alley off Hickman Mills Drive are looking for support for their plan to do about an acre big outdoor "court". They will need some zoning variances to do their plan. I say bravo for them and I think most of the others were supportive of these two young entrepreneurs. They have a web site, If you are interested in paint ball events for 40 or less, please consider this baby business.

There will be a big neighborhood clean up in September, with some facility for toxic materials and paper shredding services. Also, a meeting on May 11th, starting at 1730, at Grace Pointe Baptist Church with regard to designs for Red Bridge Road between Blue River Road and Grandview Road.

The Hickman Mills School Superintendent said "Hi." and then ran off to deal with the mercury spill at Hickman Mills High earlier today. The EPA has to get involved in this clean up, and decisions have to be made about having school tomorrow.

An older lady, whose real given name is Carol, but goes by "Carrie Nation" gave us a report on the comings and goings of bars and night spots. The main news item: Joshua's, the place in the Crescent Hotel where there was a murder in January appears to have given up on their application and appears to be closing.

That's about it for the meeting. The Southern Community Coalition meets every third Wednesday except for summertime. If you live in district 6, you might consider going every so often. It's good to know what is happening in your community.

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