Monday, April 12, 2010

Plaza Wilding: Links

Thanks to Crime Scene KC for the link to me in his blog post on the events at the Plaza this weekend. You can see the post here. Here's a new post from today.

Tony forgot to label today's posts (Labeling is a new thing for Tony) so here and here are more Tony posts on the event, including Mayor Funkhouser's less than inspiring response to the situation.

Mo Rage, who is way more liberal than I am but still has a good blog that you should read, has multiple postings. I'll start you with the one where he notes he may be the only news oriented blogger (I love this!) that actually lives on the Plaza. Here's a link to all of Mo Rage's Plaza related posts. Be patient with his site; sometimes it takes a minute to load.

There is more, more, out there if you are interested. I'll end with the often annoying, yet always thought provoking Radioman Kansas City's take on things today. Here's a link to all his posts labeled "racism, racists and PC." Be patient with his site; sometimes it takes a minute to load.

Nip it in the bud, I say.

I know, I know, real bloggers don't get all excited when they are linked by someone else...changing the title now.::blush::

Tuesday, April 13th: A couple of more links for you. WNBT--Will Not Be Televised has an interesting take--language warning! Midtown Miscreant popped in with a strong word as well. Enjoy.

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