Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Which Do You Prefer--Winter or Summer?

Do you prefer this...

The challenge has been made--after a record breaking summer day exactly six months after the area experienced blizzard conditions and record cold. February 2, 2011 was one for te record books. So the question came up--winter or summer? I decided to break it down.

More light during the 24 hour period--easier to get energized.
Most Seasonal Affective Disorder relates to light--more light, less SAD.
You don't have to put on a bunch of stuff to go outside.
Except for rainy days, driving is generally safer.
It takes almost no time to get going in the morning.
There is more to do outside.

When it is really hot, there is only so much you can take off or do to get cooled down while staying in the weather.
Activity makes you hotter and more uncomfortable.
Really hot weather is life threatening.
The general discomfort of feeling hot and sweaty.
Needing to be more mindful of your body and what you eat and drink then you usually are.
Allergies and bugs--more of both!
Too warm and humid (especially humid) saps energy and will.
The interior of your car gets wicked hot!
Sun burn
...or this?

Fewer allergies and bugs
Can be easier to stay warm then get cooled down.
Being active helps you get more comfortable, rather than making you more uncomfortable.
More options for heating--gas, electric, wood, etc. then cooling--anyone know of a way of cooling that doesn't involve electricity?

Dark!--less light during the 24 hour days.
Increased risk of SAD--depression--for that reason.
You have to put a bunch of stuff on to go outside.
Tendency to hibernate inside and not do anything due to it being cold and dark.
Snow and ice make for risky driving when they show up.
Having to warm up the car, and if caught by ice or snow, clean it off before going anywhere.
Really cold weather is life threatening (although you can get hypothermia if the temp is in the 40s).
Cold car seats.
Frost bite

And the winner is...? San Diego! Seriously, this stuff goes with living in an area with four seasons. The best way is to make peace with what is going on--it will change soon anyway. Besides it always gives us something to talk and complain about.


Anonymous said...

I'll take summer. You don't have to shovel your way to get in a mess of intersections with incompetent political entities responsible for 'that section of road'.

Bob G. said...

You provided great points both for AND against either season...

But, if I had my "druthers", I;d make SPRING and FALL a lot LONGER...and just shorten summer and winter...LOL.

How's that?

Great post.

Stay safe (and keep cool) out there.

Mo Rage said...



Shorts. Polo shirts. Swimming pools. All that sunlight.

Oh, yeah.

Rush'd Lady said...

Don't like extremes either way. Like my spring and fall seasons, thank you very much! :)

The Observer said...

Finally decided how to decide how I feel about it: Which am I happier to see--Spring or Fall?

I am happiest to see it's Summer over winter.

The Observer