Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The State Needs to Take Over the KCMSD

Well, here we go again. Another superintendent has resigned from the Kansas City Missouri School District. That makes like 25 since I moved here in 1989--more or less.

It is time for the state to take this district over.

Now, I know that strictly speaking, the KCMSD does not involved south Kansas City. Kids living south of 85th street (more or less) go to a mixture of schools--Lee's Summit, Raytown, Hickman Mills, Grandview and Center. They all have their own problems but none is in the rotten condition and carries the rotten history of the KCMSD. However, since schools and how good they are is an integral part of quality of life--part of the equation when considering where to live--we do have to concern ourselves with the state of the KCMSD.

Many people have gotten rich off of all the money poured into the KCMSD. The deseg money, the endless money to run the place--how much of it really went to benefit the kids?

John Covington, love him or hate him, got the district to take the tough medicine of contracting. His plan certainly wasn't perfect--the Southwest school was a disaster and the past year's test scores were not at all good--but the contracting had to be done to eliminate the excess capacity we cannot afford to keep. Now it is time to take the next step: remove the influence of those looking to collect some of the bucks floating around the district and make the place accountable for their actions. State management would also give time for considerations on other changes in the district, such as splitting it into two or more pieces.

KCMO leadership has tried and failed at running this district--let the state of Missouri take a try at it.


Mo Rage said...

I'd be extremely surprised if that's not exactly what happens--the state taking over the district.

Hoo boy.

Anonymous said...

Fire the school board!!!
When he was hired I said that I hope that he does'nt unpack because he won't be here long.Should'nt the board but out and let educaters run the schools?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the patrons of the KCMSD! They got rid of Arthur Benson, who is the number one beneficiary of the good old boy network. He was the one who sued the district over segregation and made millions.

He stated that the district's children have NO constitutional right to a good education, only an integrated one.

Now the district is more segregated than ever, and the test scores are lower than ever. Bensons sends his child to private school.

If we had to lose Covington to get rid of Benson, it was worth it.