Sunday, August 7, 2011

Adventures in Telecom Land...

I am trying to figure out which new phone to get. My contract is up and I am ready for a new one.

There are no deals anymore is the first thing I discovered. No "free" or heavily rebated phones, especially Smart Phones. Just about everything will require about $100. Ick.

I like my Blackberry pretty well, but BB is not offering much new through my carrier, Verizon. That leaves Android type phones and iPhone.

If anyone has a word of wisdom, feel free to comment. I am very curious about iPhone's method of photo storage since the cell phone camera is often an important part of my blogging and iPhone uses cloud storage rather than a disk.

I have to say that iPhone looks fabulous and the 5 mega pix camera looks awesome.


Bob G. said...

(raises hand)...I have only one wuestion:
What's a CELL phone, iPhone?

MY phone is only as "smart" as the person USING it (properly).


I should get me one...some day...soon.

Wish I could help 'ya out.
Happy shopping.

Stay safe (and keep cool) out there.

The Observer said...

Bob G
Done shopped--got the iPhone. Expect better photos from the phone on the blog!

Thanks for the support.