Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Plaza Flash Mobs--Just Say No to Lawbreakers

There has been gallons (OK, quarts) of ink and millions (OK trillions) of megabits of words on the situation with the mobs of young people ruining everyone's good time--and business in the Country Club Plaza. Meantime our mayor is pissing around, thinking about whether or not he wants a curfew or what. Generally pessimism is reigning as to whether or not this can be turned around and made better.

Let's start with this: A decision to enforce every single law on the books available and applicable to disorderly mobs in the Plaza regardless of their age or color. Let's follow that up with holding those in charge of minors accountable for the actions of their children. (I almost typed something really intemperate--I do try to keep a Christian tone around here...) This waffling around talking about a possible curfew helps absolutely no one and causes people to think that City Hall has not got an effing clue as to what they are doing.

I'm sorry but let's poop or get off the pot--trying to avoid offending people is helping no one and doing nothing.

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Bob G. said...


(thunderous applause here in Fort Wayne, Indiana)

THAT is what is needed (and would be a darn FINE START).

Kudos for undertsanding things for WHAT THEY ARE.

Stay safe out there.