Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This Blogger Is Irked

If you visit my Facebook page you will see that I am not in a very good mood. I'll admit that I am choosing to be annoyed at the news, and I will also note here that I am annoyed with myself. On the eve of the second anniversary of the first post of this blog, I am thinking about what directions this blog has taken and what direction it should take. We will talk more about that tomorrow, on the anniversary proper, but suffice it to say here that while news will always be a major focus, it is not the only focus, that we are also about having fun, and noticing neat stuff, and photos and funny stuff around Kansas City and the world.

I am an information hound, a person who is always looking around, trying to see this difficult, interesting, funny, sorry, amazing, God-created and sin-stained, crazy world for what it is--all those things and more. Sometimes I am amazed. Sometimes I am angered. Sometimes I am moved to tears. Sometimes I am stunned into silence, other times I am moved to rant.

We will never be hard core politics around here. We will not be completely consistent all the time. The only thing that will be consistent is the slightly right leaning/slightly libertarian/Christian/cares about people and the world point of view that will usually be demonstrated.

And oh yeah, we love scenery, old cars, dogs and cats and talking about the weather.

And "like" the Facebook page--that way I can have a nifty short url for it--yes, ending with a shameless plug!


Bob G. said...

ROFL...the last bit did it for me...(shameless plug indeed)

What you said before that is what brings me here EVERY day...

...And will keep doing so, thanks to YOUR views and opinions.

Keep the hits coming.

Stay safe.

Rush'd Lady said...

I can't imagine you quiet! LOL!