Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor Nutter

Two mayors...

Mayors of two major American cities had some interesting things to say over the past few days. Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia took much of the Black community to task for the violence that seems to have become such a big part of its life and culture.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg surprises this listener by accurately describing the business and employment killing environment that the actions of our federal government has created. While sounding like a text book liberal in describing how the spend thrift plan of the fed "saved" the economy in 2008-09, Bloomberg sounds as conservative as anyone in his description of what has made everyone risk adverse.

Enjoy the videos--they are a refreshing change from so much of what we hear.


Bob G. said...

Philly has had a run of DEMS running the city seemingly forever, and all it's done was run the budget into the ditch..and kept it there.

Nutter is a slight exception.
Wilson Goode (1st black mayor) had his fill with a black group called MOVE and firebombed the house (and burned down the neighbiorhood).
The city REBUILT the houses and they went RIGHT back to being slums in no time.
(so much for social PROGRESS)

Nutter has also cut back on the FIRE DEPARTMENTS to where not all stations are open every day and every shift.
This has caused reponsse time problems, injured a number of firefighters and cost citizen LIVES.
But, I think even HE has had enough with the black violence...and I say It's about time, even IF it's a few DECADES TOO LATE.
In what he states here, I AGREE with him.
These thugs ARE harming their OWN race (and hurting whites as well as others)
This needs to change.
He made a good call for once,.
Now, about that DITCH...and the city budgets...

Excellent post.

Stay safe out there.

The Observer said...

Bob G:
There is no way a White person gets away with saying what Mayor Nutter said. What is even sadder is that many good Black folk feel restrained in calling out the thug element among them. Hopefully his speech will open things up for all Black leaders, both those by title and those recognized by the community-at-large to speak out against that thug element.

Thanks for coming by-have a nice weekend.

the Observer

sos said...

Most of the self-appointed black "leaders" in KCMO are still marching with Martin and stuck in the victimization/entitlement of the '60s. And their major message is that the black community is incapable of empowering itself without their help, which mostly means funneling taxpayer money through that same little group, which means mostly doing well for themselves, thanks very much.
There are numerous young leaders in the black community, but the cowardly politicians just keep supporting the same old self-serving duds. Look at Sly James walking through the Plaza with 80 year-old revs and Al Brooks. They sure have alot in common with the young people that the Plaza is concerned about.
Unless and until some folks stand up, not just once or twice a year, but everyday, and speak out about the kind of thuggish behavior that is destroying the east side, nothing much is going to change.
And the mayor needs to lead the way by speaking out about responsibility, accountability, decent parenting, and the high priority the city puts on curbing crime and violence.
KCMO resembles a real estate office and a branch of the chamber of commerce, more than a municipality. And public safety is the most basic service of any level of government.

The Observer said...

Right on, SOS! Same old same old is not going to reach to the young. "New wine in new wineskins" is needed.

KCMO government needs to focus on basics and set development aside as a primary task for a while. No one will come to a city with a rep for crime.

The Philly mayor figured that out, now Sly needs to too.

Thanks for reading and commenting
The Observer