Monday, August 15, 2011

Guest Post: chuck on "...African American heart of darkness."

chuck with a small "c" is one of Tony's most prolific and faithful commenters on matters of crime and race. To be honest, I was looking forward to his posts in response to this incident. Here is just one of them--beware, it is pungent!
chuck said...

As reasonable Americans re consider the value of Plessy V Ferguson, it is way past time, to seek insight, guidance and sit at the feet of more evolved and realistic Oracles.

Its time to look at this African American heart of darkness and teh concomitant violence that rides into our cities and destroys, like black locusts everything in its path and resolve to rake for that heart, and stake that heart dead.

Stand by for sickening, sychophantic, superscillious shit from the 4th estate nationally, and the Kansas City Star locally which will place blame on, no "Nite Hoops", or "White Racism", or "disadvantaged youth" and pay homage and seek comments from African American community leaders, who have no more hope of stemming this tide of violence than our mayor did last night as he was trampled underneath the atavistic, chaotic mob of animals who are emblematic of a growing racial African American antipathy.

Listen for the usual calls for communication and understanding in the face of incessant violence, stupidity and high crime. Endure the 2nd partying of the blame, and exculpatory paens to 60 years old civil rights struggles which are galactically removed and have nothing to do with the African American murder, rape and theft that is tacitly condoned by our politicians, law makers and media every day.

African American mobs all across the nation commit hate crimes on a weekly basis, while individual African Americans inflict hate crimes on white people hourly. This African American penchant for wanton violence and lawlessness drives whites from cities, and leaves burnt out, "Thunderdome" neighborhoods which are ruled by feral thugs and crooked politicians.

As the African American undertow, reaches yet more suburban neighborhoods, whites flee and reconstitute new barbicans to repel the barbarians. Outside the walls, howling for more tribute in the form of misdirected and pernicious social engineering laws and programs to support African American dystopia, the increasing crescendo of chaos is matched by the 4th estate's calls for more Rainbow Down A Rat Hole cash for the very scum they refuse to report honestly on to the very folks they purport to inform.

Here is more bad news.

This ungovernable, uneducatable, unrepentant mob of "Dissadvantaged Youth" is beyond help of any kind. Their parents their grandparents and the horde of coming "baby mammas", and "baby daddys" will fill our streets with ignorant, violent thugs whose skills will consist of texting, cell phone use, 2nd grade rhymes and an evermore sophisticated ability for mayhem. Trillions have been squandered on programs designed to promote and elevate African Americans into jobs and positions that they are under qualified for, and compensate them unfairly at the expense of the rest of the populace.

The results of these efforts, are seen in our fair city last night, and in all major cities throughout the nation on a regualr basis.

There is one thing, one concept, one path to a solution of these problems.

Bloody constraint.

These animals, and animals they are, are modestly qualified to dress tehmselves and feed themselves (On your dime).

End the war on drugs and clear out the prisons to make room for violent offenders.

Incarcerate early and often, for extended periods of time, those violent offenders and leave them there to rot.

End social programs that encourage a lack of personal responsibility and reward a lack of accomplishment.

Its ok if people starve in the streets. We, as a nation, can no longer afford to prop up a phony black middle class, or their misanthropic, violent offspring.

Aquire a conceal and carry permit.

Shoot to kill.

8/14/11 9:49 AM


chuck said...

That guy knows what he is talking about.

The Observer said...


Megan said...

From Tony's:

In nearly every category, black outperform whites in crime. Blacks only make up 12% of the population but consist of about 65% of all violent crime.

Check out this article:

"The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States"

2005 DOJ Study:

"In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while less than ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man."

There more than likely is a genetic cause for black crime. As a number of recent geneticists have noted, blacks possess more genes for aggression.

In the book 10,000 Year Explosion, the authors show how (evolutionarily) blacks have more genes for aggression, and how whites and North Asians have more genes for docile behavior.,000_Year_Explosion


f you want the politically incorrect truth about race and crime in the US, then check out VDare:

It was started by Peter Brimelow (former editor of Forbes Magazine) and will give you the untarnished truth.

bill kostar said...

Although Chuck makes some suppportable points, albeit in a tone of universal condemnation and disgust, the fact is that subculture of violence and disrespect for others (and themselves) has arisen in the black community that has now been allowed to flourish and spread unabated by either others in that community or public authority.
For the last year and a half I and many others have worked to find some of the causes and perhaps some different and innovative approaches to curbing at least some of the violence, particularly on the east side. And what you find is both official KCMO AND the black community frozen in the past, still acting on long-obsolete notions of policing on one hand, and allowing themselves to be "representated" by self-appointed leaders who still dwell on victimization and entitlement, mainly for their own purposes of power and money.
Just look who Mayor James had accompany him to the Plaza; the same old 70-something year-old revs and "activists" who have overseen the very deterioration of the east side that they so condemn others for. Why would a new administration embrace and listen to the same old folks if it really is dedicated to success achieved a new way? And the old folks have had their snouts in the trough so so, new people who are actually trying to make a contribution can't even get through the door. Time to throw some of the money changers out of the temple, Sly!
And on the police side, you have a command staff much more interested in being left alone and unsupervised to do whatever they want than to intelligently use resource, collaborate with other departments, hold people accountable for actual results, work to build relationships and trust in the black community, and exercise command attention to innovative programs like sustained community policing.
Both static like insects frozen in amber.
Changing a broken and ineffective status quo is hard work, and it has to start with a public recognition that we have a badly broken system that needs fixing. Policies will be changed, people will be held to account, some self-important people will be ignored, there will be some terminations, and for once, public safety will become a high priority for government in KCMO.
But that takes courage and leadership.
Who will provide it?

Bob G. said...

Chuck is pretty much correct, because I've seen it up close and too personal for years, but it's not about the ENTIRE race...just the minority of it that IS causing a majority of the crimes.

And MEGAN makes some good points with her links to the DoJ...I've quoted from them often as well.
Facts are facts.

Bill Kostar's claim that it's a SUB-culture is perfectly SPOT-ON!

I agree with Bill's assessment of the situation, because it's NOT just occurring in KCMO.

When the outcry from the BLACK community rivals (or surpasses) that from every OTEHR community, then, we shall have action, but not before.

Tough changes NEED to be made, that's for certain.
But it needs to be done for the safety and betterment of EVERYONE...hold ALL PEOPLE to the same standards, period.

Zero-Tolerance and adherence to the Broken-Window Theory would go FAR to fight the type of crime we are seeing in the black community (which IS racially-directed at other races all too frequently).

Excellent post and comments.

Stay safe out there.

chuck said...

You guys are just a lot more civil than I am.

Great comments.

In my opinion, it is a losing cause.

The only thing that will bring the rule of law, to legions and legions of vandals, killers, rapists and thugs, is force of arms.

I honestly wish you guys were right, and its just my opinion, but I think that the horse has left the barn, and whistlin won't bring him back.