Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tony Gets Sued--Yes, It Is Chilling

Well, good evening.

Big news in the blogging world, Tony of Tony's Kansas City, is being sued by IAFF Local 42 boss Louie Wright for two posts: One in August of 2009 and the second for linking to a You Tube video that is critical of the KCFD/MAST merger in May 2011.

Here are some links:

This might a link to the video...or not. I might just make you go to You Tube yourself and search...oh, 42truth...the video might have criminal in the title...or not. You didn't hear it here.

Now, I never posted this video myself on this blog, but I did FB it for sure on my personal page and me and friends had a chuckle. Apparently, Mr. Wright does not like the image of him with bars in front of his face..As to the post, I just looked at it and I think the offending paragraph is the one that contains an allegation that Mr. Wright was involved with hinky business surrounding FF and Local 42 donations to the United Way.

(I am listening to Darla and Nick Wright, Louie's son, is on defending his daddy...)

Any way this will require being followed for sure. I need to think on some of the legal issues, such as the issue of reposting You Tube vids.

A couple of things I wrote on Facebook--because I am lazy and don't want to write them again!
I dont know about the video, but that post about Louie and the United Way--if you dont have ready for a criminal court proof, I am not sure you can say stuff like that. That was the stuff Nick Wright was reading to Tony on Darla's show--amazing radio!
I have to say I would not post stuff like that. I might and it off to someone in MSM or law enforcement to look at if I really thought there was some possible criminal activity going on.
you have to be careful. Opinion is one thing but allegations of wrong doing is another.

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