Friday, August 12, 2011

On Riots and Other Mob Violence: Two More Interesting Links

There has been a lot of commentary written about the recent (and somewhat underreported in the US) riots in Britain. Here are links to two interesting items. Have to give a tip of the hat to Limbaugh for mentioning and/or quoting from these two interesting essays.

This post is a partner with the previous post with the two mayors. The events of past days have made me wonder if there has been a fundamental change in the moral character of people today. On the other hand my Bible tells me that without God, humankind is trapped in a cycle of evil and civil decay...

First we have Max Hastings at the UK Daily Mail talking about how the culture of entitlement played an extensive part in the behavior and choices of the British rioters. By the way, the Daily Mail did a very nice job of covering the riots.

The Daily Mail reveals that not all rioters were down and out or at society's edges--so-called "good people"will yield to the temptation of obtaining something for nothing, doing things because everyone else is doing it, or acting on emotions of envy, jealousy and anger if they do not have a strong moral foundation.


Bob G. said...

The AP recently released a story about "reasons" behind the mob-riots, and some of their take on it was different.

They cited a rash of CONSUMERISM for the riots, while another take was the "get what you can" mindset.
Poverty was not an prominent factor.
A very good read.

Whatever the case, they (in the UK) also warn that THIS could very well come to the U.S.
(time to buy more ammo?)

Let's pray it doesn't coem to that (in spite iof the fact that we ARE too darn close to it now).

Stay safe out there.

The Observer said...

Bob G
Yes, if direct action is not taken we can be going down this road in a short time.

Five angles to work the problem: 1. Spiritual revival and reform, especially in the Christian church 2. Law enforcement 3. Educational 4. Restructuring welfare 5. Putting the family back together and repairing family and neighborhood supports. Kind of goes with #1.

Thanks for coming by.

Such a tragedy at the fair as well.

The Observer