Monday, July 12, 2010

This Dipwad Needs to Go to Jail

The so-called "barefoot bandit" appears to finally have been collared in the Bahamas. Colton Harri-Moore, 19, was taken into custody after engaging the Bahamian police in a boat chase. They were on the lookout for him after he crashed a stolen airplane in the island nation. This after he committed several burglaries on the island and attempted to steal several boats, damaging their ignitions.

Harris-Moore became something of a celebrated crook, stealing at least five private air craft and flying them without lessons around the United States, and then to the Caribbean. He also broke into residences and businesses for money, food and to amuse himself. People thought he was "cute" because of his youthful appearance, and his Facebook persona. He has over 50,000 Facebook fans. He sometimes left taunts for law enforcement, including an outline of his bare feet at one scene. Now that he is captured, there are tee shirts being sold, "Free Colton."

Phooey to that! His mother says he has been stealing since age 12 and has had many run ins with the law. It's clear that this is a sociopathic person, with no morals except the moral to please himself, and who has no regard for others. He needs to go straight to jail, and for a long time. I am almost positive, barring a complete spiritual, moral and personality transition from God, that he will reoffend, and reoffend, and reoffend...and eventually, when someone wants to protect what they worked for from this parasite, he will turn violent and hurt someone. And even if he professes a conversion experience, he would serve his jail terms, because he needs to earn the trust of others. I'm not sure I'd believe him right away.

Also, any money from films, books etc. that anyone would be foolish enough to make regarding this individual should go to a victim's fund, not to him or his brain dead mother who is "proud he taught himself to fly." Personally, I would not find his story the least appealing to read or watch.

My tee shirt would read, "Jail Harris-Moore!"

I had my pick of newsie links: Here's ABC. There are lots of others.


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
How right you are! Phooey!

This question of film an book deals also frequently exercises my mind.

The sad truth is that throughout history, people that don't care about others frequently look suave and admirable, cool under pressure, and alla dat.

They get rewarded. Of course not ALL of the suave people are morally deficient--why there's you and me, of course.

Ann T.

Bob G. said...

By ALL means...lock his smart-ass the hell UP...and "Mom" needs a good talking to as well for fostering his behavior, instead of rechanneling it in a more POSITVE manner.

They could make a movie about it JACKASS - The NEW Generation!

It's ALL about being entertained to him, and the ability to do so at the drop of a hat...

The phrase "RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR" comes to mind...wonder why?
(it's obviously LACKING in this kid)

Good post!

the observer said...

Bob G and Ann T:
I am sure glad that I am not the only one who thinks this little twit needs some serious jail time. I do understand that "cool" thing--if I recall right, it happened with Bonnie and Clyde too.

And his mother! Oy! ::puts hand on forehead::

Thanks for reading along.
The Observer