Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Headache, I Have One

I woke up with a headache this morning. I don't like having headaches. I did take some medicine for it and it helped. The news, on the other hand, did not. This stuff is threatening to bring my headache back.

*Spit fight in Kansas City over Arizona's immigration law. The reason we have a spit fight here is because Kris Kobach, a professor at University of Missouri--KC, helped write the Arizona law, and is helping several jurisdictions consider similar laws. He and Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona's Maricopa County appeared in Overland Park yesterday, and attracted several protesters accusing them and their supporters of racism. Honestly, is it racist to close the borders and ask people who wish to immigrate to this country to do it legally?

*NAACP passing a resolution at their convention stating that the "Tea Party Movement" was racist. This is based on scattered signs seen at Tea Party events, and individual statements made by Tea Party attenders. No, just no. Using anecdotal evidence to condemn the entire movement? No. Also, just because the President is a person of color doesn't mean that people who are critical of and disagree with his policies and decisions are racists.

*The Power and Light district in downtown KC will not support itself and will need $10-15 million for 5 to 10 years. This is not what I thought we were getting when we voted for the financing for this thing. ::facepalm::

*Lots of crime, all over the metro. Pick your spot for your flavor of crime. Violent crime? KCMO East Side. Business robberies? Johnson County, KS. Drunks? Everywhere, on a Friday or Saturday night. Stupid drivers? Oh, they're not criminals, unless they are really bad, but they are EVERY WHERE.

*Jackson County government race in the 40th District--accusations of corruption and incompetence flying both ways in the race between JJ Rizzo and Will Royster. So what's true? Beats me. Glad I don't live in the district. By the way, does anyone know what does the Jackson County Legislature does? Correction: This is the Missouri House of Representatives race, not the Jackson County race. And I still want to know what the Jax County legislature does. P.S. It seems like a good idea, but generally, don't blog with a headache.

* Weather. It sucks. Please, if you are visiting from Houston or New Orleans, would you please take this rank humid stuff back with you? Thank you.

* No baseball 'til Friday. Stupid All Star break.

Time for some more acetaminophen. And to stop reading the news.


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Oh, I am so sorry about your head. I am glad that acetaminophen will soothe the savage temples.

I'm with you on Arpaio, but not the Tea Party. The reason is my own consistency. I deplore the hanger-on and rioters attached to city activism (for instance, in the rioting over Mehserle), and don't accept an excuse for the unofficial alliance between charged language in such cases and violent fringe.

Likewise, if Tea Party wants to appear constructive, then they have to purge that element of charged discourse.

We can say that one is less physically violent than the other--at least in proximal terms.

Nevertheless, I just believe that calls for citizen movement have to be wary of their larger effects because of their underlying or associated message or overarching effect. I think this kind of discourse Does add up and drive us to the physical threat, both as giver and receiver, though it may not take place in the vicinity.

Sorry, I'm sure I didn't help your head any,

Get well soon my friend,
Ann T.

peedee said...

Stooooooopid news, causing your stoooooooopid headache. Feel better girl. Soooooooon. ;)

Ann T. said...

I think the real reason you have a headache is that you read my crazy explanation of tariffs. I am sure any real economist was rolling with laughter.

Get well soon. You are so right about how trouble just seems to bombard us right now. I am going to get my Advil this very minute.

the observer said...

Ann T:
Thankfully, the headaches I get are seldom bad enough to keep me down--sometimes just enough to annoy and interfere with concentration.

I like Sheriff Joe a lot. He is strict on the law and takes no junk from nobody. This annoys those who are looking for the way out, the easy way...

On the Tea Party: I agree that the elements that express racism need to be suppressed. It must be noted that some left leaning people have tried to infiltrate Tea Party events, behaving poorly. Glenn Beck had a terrific idea--DON'T bring homemade signs to such things. Only authorized printed signs. Not a bad idea. The Tea Party, ironically, must behave much as MLK instructed his people to behave during sit ins and such--committed to non-violence.

Thanks for the sympathies.

The Observer

PS: shows how much economics I know--it made sense to me!

the observer said...


LOL! I had a touch of sinus congestion last noc when I went to bed--mostly sinuses I think. Feeling better now, although I can still "feel" my sinuses.

Thanks so much for the laughs and well wishes!
the Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Yes, I like that idea of the pre-printed signs. OF course, there are still t-shirts, too, that can be printed with any ugly thing. It will be interesting to see if the T.P. take Mr. Beck's advice.

Have a great day! Thanks for the additional info!

Ann T.

Bob G. said...

I used to get some
"beauts" when it came to headaches...a lot from heat and stress.
Not so much these days, thankfully.

As to the "racism"?
Well, what I'm seeing is that the people who are the ones claiming the greatest amount of racism are, in fact, fostering their OWN brand of's that simple.

When you pull DOWN someone, it makes YOU feel better, and what better way to achieve that than to play the old "race card".

This whole immigration gig is NOT about racism...never was and never will be.

It's about THE LAW, as it pertains to illegally entering a border nation (ours) by anyone of ANY race, nationality, religon, or sex...period.

And, being a nation founded on specific laws, it makes sense that without those LAWS, we slip quite nicely into anarchy.
There are those out there that want nothing more.
(that would further a socialist takeover real well)

I'm NOT one of them...NO WAY.

Rest easy with the compresses are good.
And a darkened room with calming music works to no small end.


the observer said...

Bob G:
Why thank you for the good wishes and the wise words. I am feeling much better today. Like I said to peedee, a touch of congestion.

Ann T and everyone:
I was a little off on my quote of Glenn Beck but not much. It was obvious that I got the spirit of the comment he made, but not all of the content. He actually counseled that NO SIGNS should be used by Tea Party and other like minded groups. He also added that Martin Luther King rarely marched using signs--Beck noted that often MLK and friends marched ARM in ARM. It is not the first time that I have heard Beck use MLK as a model for the Tea Party. MLK is not a bad model...

The Observer