Saturday, July 10, 2010

Test Drive Fail

I don't know about you but I was out in the sun today, having fun and doin' work too. All those shiny cars at the car show got me to looking at the sorry state of my faithful daily driver, so it's all clean and shiny too--including the aluminum wheels. So, in honor of the sun bleached state of my brain and the automotive theme of the day, I present to you, an automotive fail. This one's local--happened at Blue Springs Ford in Blue Springs, MO, an eastern suburb of Kansas City back in late June. I kyped this photo off of one of the news sites (KSHB and KMBC had the story), and sent it in to Fail Blog:

The person who took the photos was holding out on us! He saved the best for the folks at Fail Blog, and it made the vote page. I voted for it--five thumbs down for sure.

According to the reports, the driver says he mistook the accelerator for the brake while test driving this F-250 pick up. I wonder what the sales person was thinking. (This could be him, above, being assisted out by fire fighters from the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District.)

"Oh, shit!" comes to mind...


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Ah, me . . .

I had a neighbor mistake the one for the other once. Right through a KFC.

Oh, shit is right . . . better keep some extra crispy on hand for next time, or else!

I would have voted for your entry!
Ann T.

peedee said...

HA! I would want to crawl under the seat and die if I'd done that! How embarrasing!!!

Bob G. said...

Not exactly the BEST parallel parker in the crowd, were they?

"You break BOUGHT it."
(salesman's thoughts)

Pretty expensive "test drive", yes?

the observer said...


Yes, I guess it's a measure that the Big Town ain't all that big that this got some play.

I never did hear if he had to pay for any of the damaged vehicles or not. Or the salesperson's fate.

Best comment in the local media by a reader or viewer:
"Built Ford tough."

Thanks everyone for swinging by!
the Observer