Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Hot Outside!

I swore I was not going to complain about the weather. But Lordy, it's flippin' hot outside! As in hot and humid, as in a temperature of 92 with a dew point of 75 degrees. That's obscene! Anything above 65 for a dew point is very uncomfortable. Dew point tells you much more about how it feels outside than the humidity. The humidity right now is about 58%, which on the face of it doesn't sound bad, but it's all about the relationship between the heat and the amount of water vapor in the air. Here's Wiki on dew point. Note the table that shows that dew points of 80 or better are actually dangerous to those with breathing problems.

Basically, we have air you wear. We have air that if you took a portion of it, such as in a box, it would retain its shape after being taken out of the box. Any activity is guaranteed to start a cascade of sweat. I have lived in temperate zones all my life, with all four seasons, and extremes in at least one of them, so I know there will be parts of the year where the weather is not so much enjoyed as tolerated, so I try not to kvetch too too much, really. After all, if I wanted wonderful even weather all the time, I'd move to...California?

Anyway, the above vanity plate about sums it up, don't you think? Only one more week in July and four more weeks in August of this charming stuff!

The above tag is affixed to this hot pink classic Mopar. Come see more Mopars at the Long Branch every third Saturday evening starting at 6 PM.


WarmSocks said...

Uggh! When it's that hot, with that much moisture in the air, a few negative comments about the weather are entirely justified!

peedee said...

I breath water all the time down here! I am part fish after 20 years in this humid state! I guess I'm used to it.

Just think of this...the kids down here play sports in this stuff! I guess I do too, but ony a game or two at a time in the evening.

Lauren used to catch 3-5 games a day on the weekends during tournaments!! Crazy how they adapt!

Stay inside in your AC girl!!

peedee said...

oh, HOT car btw. I'd paint it a different color but its still hot nonetheless!

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
In Rivertown, where it gets hot and the humidity %= temp, people actually drink hot coffee in the afternoon.

Some actually prefer no a/c. Not too many though.

It is killer here. One-oh-one. I am also displeased.

Hey, I also love the car! Fab!

Stay iced,
Ann T.

the observer said...

Ann T:
I saw that record setter. Blew the old record out of the water. That's hot! I've drank hot things in the heat once or twice. I can confidently say I prefer cold things. As to AC, when it is this hot and humid and close, moving hot air will not do it. My budget is very tight and I was resisting AC turn on, but now I am cooling my bedroom at night so I can sleep. The cats like it too.

peedee: I guess we can get used to anything. FL is nice in the winter, but a little tropical for this northerner in the summer.

I'm glad you are doing well post op! So super. What's next--do you PT next?

The Observer, trying to stay cooler.

the observer said...

Warm Socks:
thanks for stopping by. complaining did make me feel a little better! Should I admit that? ;-)

The Observer

peedee said...

PT starts in the morning! Yay me! NOT!! I think its gonna stink. lol

Ann T. said...

Dear The observer,
I have a news article you might like!

maybe you know all this already. I did not!
Ann T.