Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pink Taxi Spotted!

Kudos to Tony's Kansas City for alerting me to the possibility of a pink taxi in town back in June. Here's the pink Checker cab at the Wornall and 103rd Street intersection on Thursday, July 22. In October, a portion of the fares collected by this cab will be donated for breast cancer awareness and the Susan G. Koman Foundation. Also, you can charter this cab and have a portion of the fee go to breast cancer awareness and Susan Koman. Checker Cab's website is here for more info on the program and charters.


Bob G. said...

Now that's a GREAT idea with that cab...and a great cause!

Thanks for presenting this.
Maybe more cities will get onboard with this.

Have a great Sunday.

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
I do think it's a great idea! Before I read the whole thing, I was giggling over the mary kay cab, ha ha! This is better.

And I do love color!
Ann T.

the observer said...

Bob and Ann:
Yes, I like this idea a lot. And the pink cab, it just jumps out. A fun idea that benefits a great cause.
The Observer

peedee said...

There are a bunch of "Pink" causes going on right now. I even saw a special "infused" vodka the other night. It was strawberries in vodka and it was for the SGK foundation. $10.00 drinks with $7.00 going to the foundation. =)

I have yet to see a pink cab though! I love it!!

the observer said...


Too bad--a pink cab would be a good ride after the pink vodka drinks!

the Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
I know you are wary of giving out your e-mail or personal info.

Can you write me at ann.t.hathaway@ gmail, maybe from some place or a new google mail that you get rid of three days later? I have a surprise planned and I wanted to see if you would also be interested in being part of the surprise.

if not it's okay.
you can also delete this comment if you wish---