Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm Behind in Bloggyland!

I didn't jump right up and leave the semi comfort of my home (the air conditioner is on, but not strongly) this morning and so I am behind in bloggyland. I ran a couple errands, including the all important cat food replenishment, and now am ready to check on and in with everything. Good weather news in that we may have some relief here in the heartland for a few days--a weak cold front has come through and rung a bunch of rain out of our atmosphere. Now we'll see if it really gets better or just more humid. My condolences to Ann T. and the rest of Washington DC where the record for the date of 96 was just destroyed by a high of 101 today. Ick!

A short time ago I made an entry concerning a political race between Will Royster and JJ Rizzo. Well, I had this pair contesting for the wrong office. They are running for district 40 of the Missouri House of Representatives, not Jackson County. This continues to be a hot race and will be fun to watch. The district covers what we call the "Old Northeast", one of the longest settled parts of Kansas City. It is an incredibly diverse district with all races, and several nationalities within it. I've been itching to correct this since I realized the mistake a couple of days ago. I decided to look at the districts for the Mo House while I was at it--look at this gerrymandered mess! Can't anyone around here draw a straight line?

Meantime, one JaxCo race is getting veeerrry inter-resting and that is the race between City Councilman Terry Riley and incumbent JaxCo legislator Fred Arbanas. Incumbent, did I say incumbent? Mr. Arbanas has been in the legislature over 30 years. It might just be time for some new blood there. And my question still stands: What does the Jackson County legislature do?!?

So, I see there are entries by other bloggers to look at and possibly comment on, and comments to respond to here, so I better get on it!

Thanks for reading this summery day.
The Observer


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Well, it is bloomin' hot here. I have two fans and the a/c.

I'm going to make it though. Hope you are well and happy!

Ann T.

the observer said...

Ann T
Weather better here than yesterday. thanks for the good wishes.
The Observer