Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Murder Returns to Southland

30 year old Nick Dutcher was found dead in his home in the 7600 block of 114th Street. Police were sent to the address to look for Mr. Dutcher after he failed to come to his job at KSHB News. His death appears suspicious and the police are calling it a homicide. They are looking for any kind of information, and they are looking for his car.

On Crime Scene KC, commenter Melissa added a personal touch to the story:

Nick was a friend of mine. I hope they find whoever did this to such a great man. He did not deserve this.. but now he is in a better place. Rest In Peace Big Nick we will always love you.

As noted his car, a silver (I am also seeing reports that it is grey) 2009 Ford Escape is missing. It has Missouri license #WA4-D5R. Police are looking for it.

This is a mock up of what the license plate looks like--it will have the registration sticker in the middle, but otherwise, it should look just like this. The bad guys could stick this on another car, so BOLO for this pattern of letters and numbers anywhere, not just on an Escape.

This is a photo of a 2009 Ford Escape I pinched from some used car joint on the internet.

The photos reveal a pretty big guy, so one has to wonder if he came home and was surprised by one or more armed bad guys in or around his house. The intent may have been burglary or robbery, but now it is murder, and we need to find these bad guys. It seems now for many conscienceless criminals, killing someone is just a bit of fun to add to stealing. People like that need to spend time in jail.

If you have any information, have seen the car and/or license plates, or saw something hinky in the neighborhood of 114th Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard in the hours prior to 4 p.m. yesterday--there are single family homes on the east side of Blue Ridge and apartments on the west side of Blue Ridge--call the Tips Hotline at 816-474-8477. Alonzo Washington would also be glad to take your tip, call him at 913-321-6764.

All murder is bad, tragic for the family and friends of the victim, but it hits a little closer to home when it's in your neighborhood, in places where you might visit, in places where your friends might live. All our murderers need to be caught--we've had 62 killings total in Kansas City and only a fraction of those have been solved. Let's help the police catch these killers.

There have been 6 homicides in the South Patrol of KCPD this year. Here's my blog post on one--the murder of Helen Ragan which remains unsolved. If you have a tip on this or any unsolved murder, call the numbers above.

License plate mock up and pic of Mr. Dutcher from KSHB--here's the story. KCTV5 offered some sympathic coverage, as did KMBC. Mr. Dutcher worked there before going to work for KSHB. Here's the coverage of WDAF as well along with a bevy of comments, some useless and some heart breaking.


bill kostar said...

This is yet another senseless tragedy which follows many dozens of others, affecting countless families and friends over the years. Just late last year a young man was senselessly murdered on the Rockhust campus while walking home from the Plaza Library. His dad, Nelson Hopkins Sr. has become a good friend of mine as we've worked together on Operation Promise Land, a unique and multi-faceted effort at curbing the violence and helping other families avoid the grief and sorry borne by his own.
There are many systemic causes of this new level of careless crime and senseless violence, and certainly the responsible residents in the effected communities need to stand up to the thugs which they've allowed to take over their lives.
But at the end of the day, elected and appointed officials have a basic responsiblity to provide a safe environment for all the residents of the city. That responsibility is not being met; in fact, there isn't even any indication that official KCMO has decided that there is a crisis. What will finally cause that to happen is hard to say; perhaps a rolling gun battle through the P&L District some Friday night and the resultant financial collapse and increase in the city's bond payments.
It's hard to see any progress and success in the repopulation of the city south of the river, increased enrollment in the schools, redevelopmet and new jobs,or much of anything else good happening unless and until something serious is done about the fact that at least two people are killed every week of the year, a number of murders fully 25% that of New York, with a population of over 20 times that of KCMO.
A sad commentary on the apathy of all of us.
The public needs to weigh in.

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
The community can network just as you advise, and i do believe success can breed success.

Kudos to you and your civic-minded post. My hopes and regards to you.

Ann T.

Bob G. said...

I'm trusting that this case can be brought to finality very soon.

In my opinion, this should NEVER happen in the first place, but I'm for going to the ROOT cause of issues like this, and not trying to make someone "feel good" so they might be convinced that crime doesn't pay.
These days, it pays well (unfortunately), and this is ONE place where "job-security" need not be available.

God Bless.

the observer said...

Bill Kostar--
A great comment. I just don't think enough is being done about crime in this city on many fronts. Not just the police, but community leadership, including religious leaders and pols. A lot of kids are growing up with no direction and no motivation but they still have wants, and then there is the drug caused crime as well. There are no easy answers, but there will be no answers at all if we keep sitting on our buts complaining or worse, singing "Que sera sera."

The Observer

the observer said...

Ann T and Bob G:
Thanks for the "amens" and observations. We have a lot of work to do, including rooting out those "root" causes. In the meantime, we need to find each murderer and put them in jail. Murderers need jail time.

The Observer