Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wait, Not So Fast...

New model runs are waffling now on snow and snow amounts--typical for Kansas City! You have to keep your head on your shoulders about weather around here. Watchful waiting is the right thing to do. I must say, it's not often you hear thunder during a Christmas Eve eve church service. In addition, it has been in the low 50s all day, temperature very comfortable, especially for December.

An instructive story: A winter's day a few years ago: the day was mild, in the 40s and the weather folks were advising that there would be no snow; in fact it would be partly cloudy. I, fool that I am, washed my car. The day proceeded. The next thing I knew there were large fat snow flakes coming out of the sky. Soon there was three inches of partly cloudy sitting on the ground. So much for that nice wash job on the car!

So that is how the weather is around here; you just learn to live with the fun uncertainty after a while.

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