Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow Photos from the Kansas City Star

Kansas City Star photog John Sleezer must have a four wheel drive. He drove much of the metro to photograph the snow and its results. Most of the following is his work.
Theis Park, near the Plaza, and Brush Creek in the Christmas Eve snow. (Christopher Morris)
Early Christmas day, blizzard warnings were still on, and this message was on the KC Scout boards. The blizzard warning was later lightened to a winter weather advisory for blowing snow. (John Sleezer)
Neighbors shoveling and cleaning up after the storm Christmas day in the 2700 block of East 27th street. (John Sleezer)
Pushing out a car at 37th and Main Christmas day. (John Sleezer)
More car pushing, this time in Olathe KS, on Christmas day. (John Sleezer)
More snow coming down on Christmas day; the Kansas City downtown and Bartle baubles in the background. (John Sleezer)

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