Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ambulance Livery: A Brief Update

I saw, last night, at a common MAST post (44 for those in the know) an ambulance in the most generic paint job known. A red stripe around the rig with MAST in tiny letters in it and that was all! Not even a crummy Star of Life--and no nifty diagonal stripes on the back--it was just white back there! Nothing reflective either. No pictures of the rig unfortunately, because it was dark and I did not have a camera camera. New rig and they didn't want to paint it? Rig in process of being fixed/remounted on new chassis? Hmmm?

While we are on the subject of MAST, I found this pearl in the comments section over at Tony's place:

Anonymous said...

twas the week before christmas and all through the town,
the murders were up, instead of going down.
The guys were going down the chimneys with ease,
The soot inside, boy, made them sneeze!

The weapons were nestled all snug in their waists,
while cars ran away in a quick police chase.
My man in his doo rag and I in my cap,
had just settled down, when we heard him get capped!

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
the screams and the tears, they just didn't matter.
The cops did we call , but alas there were few,
For city council made deals, as they always do.

The moon on the breast of the man on the lawn,
showed glimmers of red, where he had fall'n
When what do my wondering eyes do appear?
A big white box with medical gear.

With an efficient driver, so learned and fast,
I knew in a minute, IT MUST BE MAST!
To the man on the lawn, they arrived so swift,
I knew in a minute they just started their shift.

Medic called on the radio, just need to know,
Man shot in the gut in the fresh fallen snow,
BP is not good, respers are weak,
Loading him now, will be there shortly, with whom do I speak?

The doctor said his name, which never is clear,
It did not matter for this life is dear.

Though things will be changing, come around May,
let's hope there'll still be money, for the city to pay.
The people who drive and ride in the box,
still will be swift and smart as a fox.

They may not have badges and training and such,
but some say they don't need them, they just need the touch.
Time will not matter, advance does not pay,
Load them up quickly and get on your way.

He is chubby and plump, a jolly old chief, I cringed when I saw him, in utter disbelief.
A wink of his eye to Louie he made, the deal was all done, boy what a trade!

He spoke many words, no sense did they make, the council all nodded,said he was great.
Laying pen on the paper they wrote it is done, MAST is all gone now we are one.

When taxes go up and time limits go away, remember the man, in the snow as he lay.
Will there be money to pay for the gal, the guy,the box,the equipment, will you be asking why?

We will hear them exclaim as they drive into to sight, lets load him and go, it is football tonight!

12/21/2009 01:32:00 AM

Oh, if it goes through to completion, this merger between MAST and the fire department is going to be interesting every single step of the way.

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