Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blogging Tony and Darla Part the Second

Tony and Darla have not taken any callers yet. I hope they do. Interesting--KMBZ doesn't have many real ads on their streaming audio--just PSAs and promos for station programing. Well, back to the show.

2009--not one of Darla's favorite years [Amen!]. Hoping 2010 will be better--a whole 'nother decade. Tony wrote the list. Best Trends of 2009: Tea Parties--much to Darla's surprise. Tony: There was an impact by the Tea Party movement. Today's poll: Tea Party movement regarded better than both republicans and democrats. Discussion of crappy voter turnout: less than 10% for COMBAT Tax vote. Mike Sanders isolating vote from any other votes to pass this [miserable] tax.

More trends: Kansas City School Board forums--to get/beg people to get involved. Tony went and saw a turnout of 100 people. People said they would indeed run. Eric Leonard West is considered a good change from the usual run of KCMSD board members--like Helen Ragsdale, whose daughter is a principal of one of KC's high schools [no conflict of interest there--snort.] Sup John Covington has not set the world on fire yet, but has done some--

[Whoops! Have to sign into the Wi-Fi again!]

More trends--joined in progress--P&L District not doing well business wise except for Constantino's Market.
Missouri Ethics Commission getting going in Jeff City.
Gloria Squitero--going back to City Hall. "Barefoot in City Hall" is just the best stuff to write about!!! The suspense is killing Tony!
Darla: Biggest and best trend for 2009--the Tea Parties
Tony: Biggest and best trend for 2009--the hope that Gloria Squitero will be coming back to City Hall, and giving Tony new blog fodder.

The Worse Trends, as listed by Tony: Restaurant closings outside of P&L District and surrounding downtown area, over 15 establishments--recession, smoking ban, etc. as well as P&L District sucking all the retail air out of the room. Now P&L struggling, plus district lacks character and variety.
Funkhouser recall failure--[for some reason] Darla is glad it failed.
All the newspaper layoffs and the continued struggle of the Kansas City "dead tree media"
MAST merger/takeover, Combat tax renewal, Cauthen suspension rammed through the City Council by political gamesmanship by the mayor and select council members.
Mayoral candidates announcing two years early. Fear of a continual reelection, people always running for the office--how in the world do you get any thing done? Plus how does the ordinary person keep up with the candidates over such a long course of an election?

Darla and Tony wish each other a Merry Christmas and a "see ya in 2010."

Tony's time with Darla is always way too short. I always enjoy it when they get together. Thanks for reading my little experiment in blogging during their talk together. You can find Tony's news, rumors and pictures of scantily clad ladies at You can find Darla's stuff here.

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dharmabum2009 said...

My plan (don't anybody out there steal my idea please)is to start a Media Matters- type blog for KC and expose all the stupid lies and misleading half-truths that Darla and Shanin and Park spew out over the airwaves every freaking day. Oh yeah, I'm going to target that little pathetic weasel that has the morning show on 710 as well.

It's gonna be fun!