Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On the Other Hand...

It is easy to think sour thoughts about the majority of people at times, when they act like donkey's posteriors, but then there's the exception that both warms the heart and makes the socially dimwitted and rude look even worse.

It's Tuesday night, of the same day as the Wal-Mart incident. I am finished blogging for the night in the library and am just poking around the Internet, checking on my favorite bloggers and looking in on the news of the day, when I heard a call over the intercom: "Would the owner of a black PT Cruiser please come to the circulation desk? Thank you." High ho, what now? I leave something open or on? Someone break in? When I arrive my attention is directed to a man who is saying, "I hit your car, I want you to come look and make sure it is OK." He is very apologetic in his attitude. I'm thinking, parking lot, low speed, it's snowing--how bad can it be? We get out there and he points out the impact point on his car, a small Nissan product, then to my car.

He hit my bumper with his bumper. I check for cracks in the lenses of the reverse lights and tail lights--no damages.

If anything, he may have a dark mark on his light colored bumper from my grey bumper.

He wants to leave name, number, in case. I wave him off; we hit bumpers, no harm, no foul.

He gets into his car to leave, I return to the library, chuckling. What a contrast to the earlier encounter. And what a pleasure, too. Thank you sir, for giving me a smile.

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Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Oh, excellent!

Ann T.