Thursday, December 3, 2009

Something That Made Me Go Hmmmm...

John Sherffius Boulder Camera As seen in the Kansas City Star 12/3/09.

I have no comment, because I can't think of one.


Capt. Schmoe said...

If I was for the Obama plan I would argue that the cartoon symbolizes two existing successful social programs that help millions of people every day.

If I was against the Obama plan, I would say the cartoon symbolizes two existing social programs that have grown way beyond their original intent, created a welfare state, are fiscally unsustainable and are bankrupting the country.

I guess it's a matter of perspective or it's somewhere between the two.

Thanks for the post.

Ann T. said...

Dear Observer,
You know, my dad said, "Why don't they just expand Medicare instead of reinventing it?" I had to say, I think he had a really good point.

I also remember reading an editorial in a state physician's society magazine (Texas D.O.) in the early 90's, about socialized medicine or new changes. The doctor/author in it remembered the onset of Medicare. Docs griping about how they wouldn't do this or that.

The article said, "You did everything they told you to do, and you made money at it. And when the new program comes down, you'll do it. And you'll make money at it too."

So hopefully that's true.

I love the picture. Worth a thousand of my words at least.

Thanks for posting it.
Ann T.