Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, That Was Interesting!

Well, the sun came out today, which was awfully nice, because we'd had just had two days of clouds and precipitation. And yes, we had about every kind--snow, sleet, graupel, rain, and freezing rain. The south part of the Kansas City metro got about an inch of snow. We had about a quarter to an eighth of an inch of ice on our tree branches and such. Then, after all the precip was done, it got pretty cold, freezing everything up. North of the river, and on up to St. Joseph, they got mostly snow. Driving has been difficult here and there at different times of the day. The roads are dry now, as the sun is getting pretty strong and it's daylight now for about 10.5 hours, so the sun has time to work on the roads melting ice and evaporating water.

This is what it looked like in my neck of the woods: A little snow and a little ice.

In Kearney, MO, a town about 25 miles northeast of Kansas City, it was straight snow. A KSHB viewer sent this picture in to the station. It was taken Sunday at 1700; they had about 5 inches of snow.

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