Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Snow?

Maybe some more of this coming Sunday night-Monday morning...
Well, the weather gurus are predicting more snow for the Kansas City area. This storm could miss us to the south, but the National Weather Service has issued Winter Storm Watches effective Sunday night through Monday night for the metro five county area as well as areas to the south, clear down to the Arkansas border, and two counties deep into Arkansas. We could get six inches or more, again. Then the storm will move on to the Mid Atlantic area, where I am sure it will be welcomed...

With regard to the Washington/Baltimore area...
record event report
National Weather Service Baltimore MD/Washington DC
630 PM Sat Feb 06 2010

... Preliminary indications of two-day storm snowfall record exceeded
at Baltimore/Washington international thurgood Marshall Airport...

At 4:54 PM EST this afternoon... a 24.8 inch two-day storm total
snowfall was estimated at Baltimore/Washington international
thurgood Marshall Airport.

What will happen once she gets it out? (Credit: wunderground's blog)


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Over here in the mid-Atlantic, it was not a blizzard the way I expected. I expected the Storm King to blow all over us. Instead, it just kept falling . . . and falling . . . .

Snow is packed onto the road a good four or six inches high. The snowplow drifts are feet high. It is safer to walk in the road.

Trees have cracked. Some people have been out knocking snow off expensive trees with brooms. Others have been out with seed for the birds, and still others practiced cross-country skiing down 17th Avenue. Incredible!

So good to hear we will get more . . . our snowplow contractor has done a really poor job.

Ann T.

the observer said...

Ann T.

Keep your shovel waxed!

The Observer