Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wayside Waifs Wednesday

Wayside Waifs, one of our local animal shelters here in Kansas City has been undergoing some renovation since the new year. They are going to have new dog kennels. As you can see below, all the old wire kennels have been removed from the dog area at the shelter. Also, the small rooms in the middle, used for meeting and greeting dogs are going to get windows in them. It's a work in progress!

I never realized this room was this big!

Despite the construction, the shelter is open, although with fewer animals in the shelter then usual--many animals are spending time in foster homes to keep space open in the shelter for construction needs. However, there are still plenty of animals available for a look see at the shelter. Dogs are over in holding temporarily and cats in the usual spot.

Scorpio, a senior cat at 8 years, but she loves to play!
Meet Carmi, an almost 2 year old female lab mix. She has really l-o-n-g legs, maybe some Great Dane in there? Very nice dog.

This is Kelvin, a 2 year old pointer mix. Don't worry, he's not muzzled; that's a Gentle Leader, used to help dogs who pull a lot on the lead.

Carmi and Kelvin have a YouTube video!

Wayside Waifs is at 3901 Martha Truman Road in Kansas City. The phone is 816-761-8151. Hours are Weds-Fri 2 pm-8 pm and Sat-Sun 12noon-6 pm. On the web at

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