Monday, February 8, 2010

Notes on the Super Bowl Commercials

1. Focus on the Family's spot with Tim Tebow and his mom remarkably light hearted. I was expecting something more didactic.

2. Volkswagen commercial with folks punching each other in the arm when they see a VW and pronouncing its color gets a big laugh from the people I am with.

3. What is with that? Two ads featuring people running around in their underwear running one right after the other?

4. Google ad sweet natured; people give positive response.

5. Hate the GoDaddy ads, all of them.

6. Audi ad with "Green Police" frightening. I hoard incandescent light bulbs!

7. Bud Light ads uneven. Some are fun, like the crashed plane one; others make people look stupid or thick headed.

8. For third year in a row, the game is much better then the ads.

9. Men look like beaten doofuses in many of the ads, women like fun killing shrews.

10. Good to see Chrysler doing ads again. They will, however, hear it about the Dodge ad. The car, by the way, is off the hook. I love the big black Charger. It makes an awesome police car too.



Capt. Schmoe said...

Keep your hand offa my momma and
keep your hands offa my doritos.

We kind of liked that one.

the observer said...

Capt Schmoe:

I forgot about that one! The doritos ads were like the Bud Light ads--some very good like that one, and the one featuring "throwing star doritos" (that one starts with the two geeks in the gym...), and some not so good.

Thanks for writing in!

The Observer