Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Came Today

Well, after futzing around for about 24 hours, the snows finally came to Kansas City. Starting this morning, and lasting til about 1530, it snowed hard, with big flakes. It was a pretty snow, sticking to everything. In addition, as it was around freezing, it was not hard for the street and highway crews to keep things passable. We'll have to be very careful later tonight, when the temperature drops below freezing, especially on bridges and overpasses. Here are some photos of today's snow, all taken this afternoon between 1400 and 1430. (Then I had to shovel!)

One of my neighbors is shoveling too.
Snow covered tree branches started shedding their burden when a slight breeze came up.
Looking towards my neighbor's house, you can see the flakes aflyin'
It snowed about this much...

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