Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spotted It Again!

Spotted it again--and this time have photographic evidence! Generic Kansas City Missouri EMS box...not even a crummy Star of Life on the side. (Photo taken January 20th--yes, that is all that is left of our snow--lumps here and there. The pic was taken holding my cell phone up next to my ear as I turn the car to the right.)

In a related note, today Fire Chief Smokey Dyer was officially made head of MAST by the ambulance board. I can't make light of or have any fun with this news.


Lesa Gonzalez said...

Hi Observer! The generic ambulance is because they have not yet decided the look of the KCFD Ambulance. Yes, Smokey is now my boss. Interesting, since he put a letter out in October to all 34 fire stations and all fire facilities telling them I was distraught and if I showed up to engage me as little as possible and it was recommended to call the police. All because of a VERY vague letter from Anthony Inzenga. Not good management style on his part, if you ask me. ( I received information from Chief Dyers's office by doing a Sunshine open records request) All of this because I went in the bathroom at work and cried, the day after I gave up the Save Mast effort. I was suspended 3 days, pending a psych eval...(for crying) and 3 days turned into 8 weeks (much of it unpaid)! Remember March 25th, 2009 when I said I would suffer repercussions? Most of my suspension was brought on by the union demanding an investigation into alleged threats I made on FB. Completely bogus but later learned many of the union folks were very angry I was not fired. Business agents included. It has not been easy, I feel as if I have been run over by a semi, but I would not do anything differently! I still maintain this is the worst thing for KC taxpayers and patients, as well as MAST employees. All I can do now is sit back and watch. I am thankful I am still employed but have a feeling if I had not put out several thousand dollars for a lawyer, I would not be. Thanks for your coverage.

Lesa Gonzalez said...

Almost forgot to tell you about Nov. 3rd. Went to union meeting. They hired a police officer and a Jackson County Deputy! I was allowed to sign in, sat down, saw a retiree and spoke to him. Anthony Inzenga came up to me and told me I had to go. I asked why and he repeated it. The officers approached me. I went to the front and asked Louie Wright why, as a union dues paying member in good standing I had to leave. It violates the Union Constitution and bylaws, both Local and International. The officer told me if I didn't leave, he would have to arrest me and take me to jail, and I would have to post bond. He then forcefully removed me from the meeting. Ah, to be so afraid of a woman, it must make Louie and Anthony embarrassed. Weaklings.